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We work with companies of any size and with any technology. Our Market Insight Briefing will help inform your market access strategy. In turn, your market access strategy will help us to find contacts for you to work with.

Making a great impact requires preparation. With no definitive guide to the NHS there is real risk that, through no fault of your own, progress may be slow. At best you may learn from early mistakes and at worst abandon a potentially fruitful business to your, the NHS and patient cost.

Each KSS AHSN Market Insight Briefing lasts for up to an hour and a half. We will highlight how to avoid “pilot-itis” and other debilitating conditions!


We want companies to ensure that they get the right outcome from each and every contact they have with the health system, including ourselves. A quicker yes or no for the right reason is in everyone’s interest.

To ensure that is more likely to happen we will explain how the NHS and wider health system works within its organisational and financial constraints.


We will work with you to suggest how you may position your product from the clinician and buyer perspective.


By the end of a Market Insight Briefing you will be aware of what preparation you will need to undertake before coming to a 1:1.innovation surgery, including guidance on how to write the first draft of your value proposition and budget impact model.


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