The quality of care provided to patients depends – almost every time – on technology. From the digital thermometer or patient records to robotic surgery, and genomic medicine, technology is at the heart of modern healthcare.

Taking advantage of the latest innovative products and services is crucial. It helps improve health outcomes, the sustainability of the health and social care system as a whole, and reinforces the attractiveness for companies to work  with NHS staff to develop the next generation of products.

Bridging the gap

There is an on-going challenge for health and social care staff to know what credible and affordable innovations – products, services and technologies – are available. Similarly, there’s a challenge for product developers to know what NHS priorities are, what is affordable and what evidence is required. There’s a gap that needs to be bridged.

That’s where Academic Health Science Networks come in. We provide a range of services to ensure companies have an informed approach to the healthcare market (not just the NHS) by helping them to create an insightful and credible value proposition and budget impact model.


This saves significant effort and time for companies, and helps NHS commissioners, providers and social care by filtering out offerings that are not yet ready, and helping to find products and services more likely to meet their needs.

By supporting industry, our services help the NHS and social care find solutions that are fit for purpose.