library of resourcesOur “Bridging the gap” services can help you right through from understanding the NHS market to spreading a product or technology across the country.

There are other organisations with specialist expertise or connections who can help too. To make life easier, we’ve listed some of them here:

Innovation Exchange 

The AHSN Network Innovation Exchange is designed to help innovators understand what the NHS challenges are and connect you to the help you need.

By helping to understand NHS needs and navigate the system we aim to transform patient care and deliver economic growth.

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The AHSN Network has published a range of resources aimed at helping innovators with topics such as writing a business case, procurement and generating evidence. 

Click here to see the directory of resources.

HealthTech Connect

HealthTech Connect was established by NICE and partners to support the development and adoption of health technologies with measurable benefits.

Its aims are:

  • Identifying and nurturing innovation;
  • Raising the profile of transformative technology;
  • Prioritising value-driven technologies for national evaluation;
  • Enabling support from product development through to adoption

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Innovator fact sheets

Eastern AHSN has recently published a series of fact sheets designed to help innovators succeed. Each fact sheet provides a comprehensive – but not exhaustive! – source of information:

Funding resources

Eastern AHSN has published information about a variety of funding sources, how they can help and how to access them.