We want you to get the most from working with us. Before we meet, whether for a briefing or an innovation surgery, it helps if you give us some brief details about your business and the products or services that you want to discuss. That means we can get an idea for where we can add most value, and if we need to bring in any specialist expertise.

To start working with us and for any other general enquiries, please email kssahsn.bridgingthegap@nhs.net

If you’ve previously completed the AHSN Netwrk ‘company engagement form’ – either here or for another AHSN – there’s no need to do it again. Simply drop an email to kssahsn.bridgingthegap@nhs.net and we’ll get back to you.

Partnership with ABHI

In 2018 the national AHSN Network and ABHI announced work on a formal programme of joint activity leading to enhanced engagement between the AHSNs and ABHI’s 250 members. Early projects will include patient safety and plans to support the future sustainability of the networks. Joint events are taking place nationally and regionally.

A key element of any joint working is mutual trust and a shared vision of working practices. This is why the first
deliverable of the joint working initiative was a partnership around the ABHI code of conduct.

The AHSN Network is pleased to endorse the ABHI Code of Conduct and recommend its adoption by the Medtech industry.

Code of conduct for data driven innovations

NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care have published a code of conduct for use when developing data-driven innovations.