Academic Health Science Networks accelerate the development and uptake of innovation into the NHS by:

  • Supporting innovators to determine whether the innovation matches a need and how wide spread that need might be.
  • Where further product development is necessary, signpost innovators to appropriate resources along the development pathway including finance.
  • Supporting innovators to understand the real world impact of their innovation for the NHS.
  • Assessing and advising on scale up plans when innovations have achieved initial uptake.

We help companies to understand NHS complexity, prepare for scale-up and gather the evidence they need. We support adoption and spread for prioritised innovations.

Four stage process

At KSS AHSN, we offer a four stage process. Starting with a market insights briefing, each stage of the process builds on the previous one. As you progress towards market entry we will need to understand in detail how your product or service will impact on NHS services, your ambitions and how you have set your expectations.

Only companies with realistic expectations, affordable products or services and a clear scalable business will be able to progress to the final stages of the services we offer.

Market Insight

Innovation Surgeries



What AHSNs don’t do

AHSNs are not sales offices. Our primary focus is not to provide sales leads or introductions. AHSNs are NHS bodies, but we are not users or buyers of clinical products.

Data sharing

Data is shared across the 15 AHSNs.  We understand the need for commercial confidentiality but need to be able to share information across the 15 AHSNs and the NHS to effectively support the development and uptake of innovation.

Response time

Information you submit will be reviewed within 30 days. You may be initially contacted to better understand the support you need.