We work with NHS trusts and providers, CCGS, local businesses, SMEs, universities, patients and public representatives and voluntary organisations.

Together, we are: catalysts for spreading innovation at pace and scale – improving health, generating economic growth and helping facilitate change across whole health and social care economies; connecting networks of NHS and academic organisations, local authorities, the third sector and industry – responding to the diverse needs of our patients and populations through partnership and collaboration; and creating the right environment for relevant industries to work with the health and social care system.

The Technology Navigation team is made up of clinicians with broad experience across different healthcare systems. We support the above objectives through:

  • Awareness and information sharing
  • Signposting to national spread and adoption programmes
  • Horizon scanning innovations and solutions
  • Facilitated introductions to innovators
  • Business case writing support
  • Governance/Board presentations and approval processes support
  • Clinical pathway review
  • QI capability building
  • Patient and citizen engagement
  • System & stakeholder engagement
  • Developing case studies
  • Evaluation, outcome measurement and impact