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Seven new NHS Test Beds announced – plus backing for ‘rapid uptake’ products through the Accelerated Access Collaborative

  • Over £7 million for seven new NHS Test Beds around the country
  • Projects include the use of AI and machine learning to improve breast cancer screening and digital platforms enabling self-management for diabetes
  • Up to £2 million for new innovative treatments for conditions including colorectal cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Estimated 500,000 patients helped and savings of £30 million for the NHS

Seven new NHS Test Beds are being launched to tackle some of the biggest opportunities and challenges in health and care by testing combinations of innovations in real world clinical settings.

This is the second wave of NHS Test Beds and once again the AHSNs will be providing support in their regions.

Projects include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a more accurate and efficient breast cancer screening service and a new digital platform to help people to manage diabetes.

The new Test Beds are being provided with more than £7 million of Government funding, alongside match funding from industry partners.

Local people will have the opportunity to test innovations in real-world settings and successful combinations of innovations will be spread across the rest of the NHS.

Products for ‘rapid uptake’: Accelerated Access Collaborative

Another £2 million is being provided to give more patients access to proven innovations through the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC).

Seven innovative technology areas were identified by the AAC that improve patients’ lives but are not currently available to everyone who could benefit. This first batch of ‘rapid uptake’ products was selected by leaders in the health and care system, and includes a range of treatments for conditions such as cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

Supporting the ‘rapid uptake’ products will not only help 500,000 patients to access new treatments, they will also provide cost savings to the NHS of £30 million, while helping to reinforce the UK’s position as a global leader in health innovation.

The products will be spread through the AHSN Network’s Innovation Exchanges, which match solutions to the needs of their local health and care systems.

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