Innovative image analysis software that creates a 3D model of the heart and could prevent up to 35,000 patients a year undergoing invasive tests will be fast-tracked into use by the NHS.

A surgical suture that reduces the risk of infections like MRSA will also join the NHS scheme to help patients benefit from world leading innovations. A new type of ‘bowel scope’ and a device that cuts infections caused by catheters complete the four innovations that will be fast-tracked into use through NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment programme.

The scheme delivers improvements in patient care by cutting bureaucracy for clinicians and other innovators and encouraging uptake through the NHS.

NHS England has also announced £1.5million to pump prime the spread of innovations including DrDoctor, a nationally backed trial of a technology to cut missed hospital appointments.

Promising developments are sometimes not adopted because of a lack of evidence to support their use. The money found by NHS England will fund real world evaluation of innovations including DrDoctor which allows patients to reschedule their own appointments rather than miss them.

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