After the market insight briefing you will understand why it is essential to have a well prepared ‘value proposition’ and ‘budget impact model’.

The innovation surgery will focus specifically on your value proposition to the NHS. What problem are you solving and what is the outcome of solving that problem to the NHS (impact focussed.)

The one hour session will also cover:

  • Budget impact model
  • Evidence that you have generated – ideally evaluated
  • Customer pathway that you consider to be the best route for your product and;
  • Any traction that you have to date – sales, pilots, market testing etc and associates case studies.


It can be hard for industry and the NHS  to connect effectively. We help companies with a well developed value proposition find the right people to talk to in the system.

The NHS sees us as a credible adviser who can help them find products and services of value – saving time and money by helping them avoid the ‘lemons’.


After reviewing your value proposition and budget impact model at an innovation surgery, we will help you identify any changes you may wish to make and discuss any potential implementation challenges.

Alongside the product or service offering we will want to hear about your company’s expectations around uptake, and find our more about your procurement and/or distribution processes.


By the end of an Innovation surgery you should be clear about the material you will need to produce to support your next steps.

This will include any improvements needed to your value proposition and budget impact model, as well as what preparation is necessary to complete a “validation in practice”.


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