Our “Bridging the gap” services can help you right through from understanding the NHS market to spreading a product or technology across the country.

There are other organisations with specialist expertise or connections who can help too. To make life easier, we’ve listed some of them here:

HealthTech Connect

HealthTech Connect was established by NICE and partners to support the development and adoption of health technologies with measurable benefits.

Its aims are:

  • Identifying and nurturing innovation;
  • Raising the profile of transformative technology;
  • Prioritising value-driven technologies for national evaluation;
  • Enabling support from product development through to adoption

Find out more at https://www.healthtechconnect.org.uk/

Innovator fact sheets

Eastern AHSN has recently published a series of fact sheets designed to help innovators succeed. Each fact sheet provides a comprehensive – but not exhaustive! – source of information:

Funding resources

Eastern AHSN has published information about a variety of funding sources, how they can help and how to access them.