KSS AHSN’s market access services have been developed through close working with companies and NHS organisations, drawing on many years of experience of technology adoption in the NHS complemented by experience of technology development.

In short, we help bridge the gap between industry and the NHS (and the wider health system). KSS AHSN can help companies through the healthcare maze, saving them time and money. We can help companies understand how the system works and how to avoid or overcome the challenges it holds, therefore optimising their market access strategy.

Where to begin – for the NHS

To enable us to help NHS and social care organisations we need an up to date understanding of priorities and constraints which might affect uptake of technology. Through our regular contacts with clinicians and managers in providers and commissioners, we gain an understanding about their needs and issues which we can share with companies.

These contacts also enable us to check with staff about their views on the technologies we offer them.

WHERE TO BEGIN – For companies: A four stage process

Starting with a market insights briefing, each stage of the process builds on the previous. For the later stages we will need to understand in detail how your product or service will impact on services, your ambitions and how you have set your expectations.

Only companies with realistic expectations, affordable products or services and a clear market access strategy will be able to progress to the final stages of the services we offer.

Each stage of the process is described in detail in the pages below and in our brochure.